My unread books: a reckoning in photos

Shelf one. All the comics have been read; all the books have not.

Shelf two. Jane Eyre (tiny red book to the right of Mucus Tick) has been read. Everything else is unfinished or un-begun.

Shelf three overflow. All the horizontal books are unread.

If a book makes it to the little green table, it means I'm really seriously planning on reading it soon, I mean it you guys, quit laughing. Included in this stack are four books that, in reality, currently live on the dresser next to my bed, and which I am actually in the middle of reading.

Books I've borrowed from Mr. W. I try to keep this stack small.

And finally - books I hauled away from Eileen's party last night.


AE said...

I love your bookshelves. Do you still have the little record in your copy of "Billy and the Boingers Bootleg"?

My thinking is always that unread nonfiction books don't really count as "unread books," but as part of my permanent reference library, because at any time they could be used to look up facts. This is blatant rationalization, of course.

Should I be reading Robert Benchley?

Gina said...

When I moved this summer I counted all of my books and marked off the ones I've read. It's a sad, sad state. Books owned, about 300. Books read, uhhh... about half.

I know. Terrible.

And I know for a fact I won't even attempt to read some of them EVER. No clue why I hang on to them. But I'm planning to adopt your rationalization, AE.

Mr. W. said...

Everyone should be reading Robert Benchley!

AE said...

Mr. W.: Duly noted. Thanks!

Gina: Everyone should adopt my rationalizations. In return I will be happy to adopt theirs!