Recycling news

I always forget what exactly I can recycle, so I was happy to find this handy guide on the City's website:

How weird - you can recycle "plastic bottles and jugs," but not "plastic food containers." I had always assumed it had to do with the number on the plastic.

Also, bad news that you can't recycle plastic shopping bags. I tend to save them for reuse, but sometimes I have too many and the excess goes in the bin. Ah, well - guess I'll have to start taking them to Bigg's. I'm pretty sure they have a program for that.

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Katie @ CiN said...

Yes. Bigg's in Oakley has one of those containers for plastic bags. I do not think the Bigg's on Highland does. I stuffed a trunkload into the thing last time I went. It seems to be full most of the time.