Let it snow

I save something like $75 a month by parking in a large lot about four blocks from my office building (a fact I really need to keep in mind when it's pouring rain and I'm running late).

The lot is located just underneath a twisting series of on- and off-ramps that connect the western side of downtown Cincinnati to I-75, so the first half of my car-to-office trip is sheltered by these enormous concrete-and-steel bridges that start 40 feet in the air and 100 feet apart, and then gradually come together (getting lower all the time), and finally converge at a point so low I could probably jump up and smack the underside of the highway with my hand.

There are a few strange gaps in the overpass where, for a bit, the ramps run roughly parallel to each other. When it snows, the snow falls gently through these long, narrow openings, creating a thin curtain of swirling white. Whether it's illuminated by grey daylight, bluish fluorescent lights or warm yellow sodium lamps, it is an absolutely beautiful sight.

And that why I'm rooting for snow.

Well, it's one reason.

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