The image of McDonald's workers cracking eggs to scramble fresh each morning ...

... is just one thing I love about this hilarious New York Times article on the Starbucks vs. McDonald's breakfast battle. It runs across three pages, but it's worth it - that "fresh food from McDonald's" gem (a quote from a spokesman) is on the last page.

The other quotes are fabulous, too - the woman who gets her coffee at Starbucks but goes somewhere else for her food because she's "been burned too many times by that pastry case"? The other woman who describes Starbucks' croissants as "literally the worst on the planet"? Awesome.

Also, it won my extremely official "Description of the Week" award when it referred to McGriddles as "a howling success."

And finally, it's got some good, interesting information in there along with the snark. For example, did you know the most popular breakfast to go is "egg and cheese on a bread carrier"? Did you know Wendy's and Taco Bell are looking into getting breakfast menus? I look forward to eating a Breakfast Burrito Bell Grande.

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