What I did on my two-day vacation (in no particular order)

- Painted both fingernails and toenails
- Sorted laundry (did not actually do laundry)
- Cleaned refrigerator
- Advanced three episodes in God, the Devil and Bob DVD set
- Finally finished BBC version of The Office; returned DVDs to Mr. Wufflekins
- Completed first battle with Xemnas, won Goddess of Fate cup in Kingdom Hearts II
- Got high score in reading aloud in Brain Age
- Advanced, like, five paragraphs in The Omnivore's Dilemma (due to my habit of reading it at bedtime, not to any fault of writer's style)
- Cleaned piles of random junk off desk; replaced with slightly smaller and less numerous piles of junk; discovered desk is made of blond-wood-veneer particle board and not old bank statements
- Rearranged DVD/video game shelf; retired VHS tapes to bookshelf in bedroom (except for The Maxx, which is still in player)
- Opened kit of "Winter Knits" patterns; discovered do not know how to complete any of them
- Moved two storage bins out of bedroom (five to go, plus "donate to charity" pile)
- Cooked three new dishes: tomato basil turkey meatloaf, Crock-Pot cranberry chicken, apple cranberry walnut crisp. (Have only tasted meatloaf - it's OK, but kind of loose. Chicken smells weird and off-putting to me; crisp smells amazing.)
- SausageFest 2006! Louis Rich turkey sausage patties are far tastier and better-looking when cooked than Jennie-O patties, plus they have half the fat. (Louis Rich also makes my favorite turkey bacon; I guess those guys know turkey.)
- Wandered Kenwood Towne Centre, Barnes & Noble without finding any Christmas presents for anyone
- Had crazy Kenwood IHOP experience involving waiter bringing checks before drinks, disappearing for entire meal, and taking so long to process my check I thought he had pocketed my change; Stacie's mom said we should have gone to Taco Bell
- Totally forgot about volunteering to be "celebrity" bartender for World's Largest Office Party tomorrow


AE said...

That sounds like a perfect vacation. I totally need one of those. How did you like BBC Office? Did you finish it with the Christmas special?

Mr. Wufflekins said...

ae, I forgot to lend Kelly the Christmas special! My mistake. I've set it aside for her to borrow now. Thanks!

AE said...

Mr. Wufflekins! If you don't know Kelly by now, you will never never never know her. Oooh. *releases dove*

I LOVE the Christmas special. I tear up just thinking about it. It so makes up for season 2 being almost too painful to watch in places. Kelly, I envy your getting to see it for the first time.