Vacation can sneak up on you

So I woke up this morning and thought a little bit about the month of December, and I realized that, hey, I'm supposed to be on vacation tomorrow and Tuesday!

I think.

So I called up my supervisor and found out that although she doesn't remember specifically when I'm supposed to be on vacation, she thinks tomorrow and Tuesday sound about right. And when I asked if I should just come in tomorrow and figure out some other days, she said she wasn't sure there really were other days. (The month of December is crazy in this respect; trying to find unobtrusive days to take off is why I wound up with random vacation days that I don't remember.) So I said all right, guess I'll see you Wednesday.

So now I'm faced with two extra days off and no plans for how to fill them. I'm sure I could just wing it, but that way would lie two days of blog-checking and DVD-watching. So I sent a text message to my sister in Columbus, asking if I might pay her a visit, and maybe do some Christmas shopping while I'm at it. We'll see how that goes.

How strange.

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Katie @ CiN said...

This is your supervisor:) So, are you shopping or are you blog trolling? Here at work, we would love it if we got your staff answer! Otherwise, I will make something up. Say ... you always wanted matching outfits with your sister. Thanks.