Midnight baking

Fun fact: I always, always underestimate the amount of time it's going to take me to cook something. I never take prep time into account, and then I wind up puttering around at 1 a.m., waiting for the damn thing to be done.

Case in point: Tonight I got home at 10:30, 10:45, all ready to make this apple cranberry walnut crisp. (I have fresh cranberries left over from Thanksgiving, so I'm trying some new recipes to get rid of them.) It takes an hour to bake, so I guess my thought process went, cool, I'll pop it in the oven and be done by midnight.

Yeah, I hadn't done any of the prep work. Do you know how long it takes to peel and slice 3 pounds of apples? I don't either, but when I finally slid the mixture into the oven, it was 11:45, so I'm guessing it takes a while.

At least I'll have a really awesome breakfast for the next few days.

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