Riches to be had

Waiting for my iced mocha at the Milford Showcase Cinemas (yeah, they have Starbucks now! Crazy, yes?), I glanced down.


I am the sort of person who will nearly always stoop for a cent. (Exceptions include urgent appointments, weather and crowds.) As I bent to claim my prize, I saw - hey! - another penny!

So, when I found two more pennies in the theater entryway as we were leaving, I said to Stacie and Corrie, "Man, someone is just throwing pennies around, and I am reaping the benefits!"

While Stacie was still making fun of me for my use of the word "reap," she found a quarter.

And then a nickel. And another one.

Pretty soon we were weaving through the parking lot, saying things like, "What's that over there? ... Oh, just a gum wrapper." And "We should come back with metal detectors." And "It's like a video game, but it's real life!" (OK, I said that.)

Stacie won with her 35 cents. I think I found one more penny, giving me a nickel's worth. And ... did Corrie find a nickel?

So I guess the moral of the story is: if you're going to see a movie, go see it in Milford, because apparently people just toss their change on the ground rather than having to deal with that zipper compartment on their wallets.


Aimee said...

As if we hadn't all learned this from when we all worked at 275 East? Didn't we end up with 13 bucks one summer or some such craziness?

Kelly said...

Well, I found a $20 bill while cleaning out a theater once. Ushering suddenly became much mopre attractive after that.