New blog obsession!

I've been trying to think of a cool bar-related way to link to Tavern Wench. You know, something like "Add 1 oz Waiterrant to a pint glass filled with Cincinnati experiences. After the liquor melt, add 1.5 oz drink recipes ..."

But it just doesn't quite fit, so here's what you need to know. This girl Jen tends bar at a local restaurant. (I think I know which one, but I won't say, because that's half the fun.) Anyway, she provides delicious-sounding drink recipes (I was half-convinced that the gimlet was going to be my new drink until I actually ordered one at Northside Tavern this weekend), tips for making your bartender like you (and therefore give you better service), and (best of all) stories of her wacky customers. Fun!


JenJen said...

Don't you dare give away my secret, even if you think you know. ;-)

And if you do know, come on in and let me make you a Gimlet, my way, the ten-minute way. I won't settle for insta-martinis anymore. You won't, either.

Thanks for the props. :-)

Eric "Babe" Morse said...

This doesn't have anything to do with gimlets, whatever those are.

I'm halfway through the third Thurs. Next. It's so fun, I'm already sad there's only one more to read, though I think I'm going to reread the Humpty Dumpty one, because of all the in-jokes I wasn't hip to when I read it first.

I'm actually doing the 3rd book on iPod, since the library didn't have the print version in. Love the reader's accent, though some of the puns take some heavy listening to pick up.

I haven't hung out at his website yet, but it looks like a fun way of prolonging the ecstasy.

Ok, then. You're the only person I know who knows what I'm talking about. So, thanks for listening.