Lord help me.

And my credit-card balance, for that matter.

Global Market is back at Target.

You see, every year, Target has to think of something to put in their "seasonal" corner between Christmas and patio furniture. Valentine's Day, while profitable in its own way, just isn't big enough to fill the void.

So last year, they did something that was apparently so successful, they're trying it again this year. They filled the space with small furniture and decor from around the world, called it Global Market, and watched Pier 1 fanatics (is there such a thing?) swoon and tell their friends.

Global Market furniture is priced about the same way as all furniture from Target - $80 for a trunk, $30 for a silky throw, $15 for, I dunno, some sort of bamboo basket. Which is, I guess, cheap for furniture, but expensive for me.

But, since it's "seasonal," in a couple of months the whole section is going to go 50 percent off so they can make room for that patio furniture. Last year when that happened, I bought, like, half of the Asia collection. This year, I'll go for the other half.

So, if you come over to my place near the end of March and discover that it is crammed with so many throw pillows and folding screens that there is actually no room for you to come inside ... now you know why.

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