Dara + Thursday = BFF

My mom saw my apartment for the first time this weekend. My dad was delivering my BRAND NEW TV!!!!, and she tagged along.

My mother has never exactly been a cat person, but when she saw Thursday for the first time since I adopted her (so, you know, the first time since she's been living unde er a porch and starving to death), it was instant love.

"That's the kitty?" she said in disbelief as the kitty under discussion jumped out of my arms and darted under the bed. "I would never have recognized her!"

While my dad and I cleared off a space on the coffee table for my BRAND NEW TV!!!!, my mom lay on the floor in my bedroom, playing a fascinating game with the under-bed cat that involved a hand put on top of a paw, then a paw put on top of a hand.

"Mommy," I called. (Yeah, I'm 24 years old and still call my mother "Mommy." Whatever.) "Can you see her?"

"We're playing a game!" my mom replied. And then:

"I miss having a pet."

I turned to my dad. "She's gonna make you get a cat."

He snorted. "Not a chance."

We'll see.

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AE said...

aww, how darling! Cats really bring parents out of their shell. They are also good for giving parents something to look at in one's apartment besides all the clothes on the floor.