The nice thing about two weeks of vacation within four weeks ...

You get a second chance to finish your vacation to-do list!

- Unpack in new apartment
- Get last traces of stuff out of Leigh's house
- Run w/ dad (again)
- Catch up on pile of magazines (Real Simple, Esquire, Cincinnati Magazine, mental_floss)
- Catch up on pile of books lent by Edmund, bought on whim at Enquirer book sale
- Catch up on pile of unwatched DVDs
- Work on pile of underplayed video games
- Finish Strength of Body, Strength of Mind
- Do Christmas shopping
- Buy light bulbs for currently darkened kitchen
- Find out more about having currently darkened TV repaired

This must all happen sometime in between these scheduled events:
- Wed. afternoon: Lunch with mom and sister, possible shopping
- Wed. evening: Harry Potter party in Amelia
- Thurs. morning: Breakfast with Neil
- Thurs. evening: Running with dad; probable family dinner
- Fri. evening (possible): Movie in Dayton with Stacie, Chele, etc.
- Sat. all day: Various Christmas Eve activities
- Sun. through Mon.: Christmas in Milford and Bloomington

I forsee a week of paralysis in front of the computer, punctuated by bursts of frenzied shopping.


Katie @ CiN said...

Wow you sound super busy. However, no sympathy from me.

gerard said...

I love Christmas!

Mr. Wufflekins said...

Gerard loves Christmas!

Kelly said...

Yes. Yes, he does. But is he man enough to show it with a rubber bracelet?

AE said...

Merry Christmas, Kelly! And Merry Christmas, Mr. Wufflekins.