Vacation to-do list

- Make appt. w/ landlord to pick up key to new apartment
- Pack for new apartment
- Move into new apartment
- Unpack in new apartment
- Get Craig Krenzel's autograph
- Run w/ dad
- Catch up on pile of magazines (Real Simple, Esquire, Cincinnati Magazine, mental_floss)
- Finish Draco Sinister
- Finish Strength of Body, Strength of Mind

UPDATE: Look how much I accomplished!


ae said...

Hey Kelly, when do you move? Do you need any help? I'm off the next couple days so feel free to call.. I'll just be lying around Mt. Lookout eating bonbons.

Kelly said...

I move today, actually.

I think I'm covered as far as help goes - I've got my dad and Edmund coming by after work - but if you have any suggestions for making the place not smell of smoke anymore, I'd be super-appreciative. (Apparently all the painting and refurbishing did not serve to rid the place of the smoky smell, which is disheartening.)

I'll probably have some sort of "warming" party in mid-January, but feel free to stop by any time you'd like; just give me a call.

ae said...

Don't you mean Mr. Wufflekins? :)

Re. smoke, hmm. I am a fan of dropping lots of smelly stuff into the carpet and vacuuming it out. You could deploy Febreze or go natural with dried lavender or rosemary. I'm sure you and Thursday Next will have it smelling lovely in no time.

Congratulations on getting moved!

Kelly said...

The floors are hardwood, which is nice for cleaning and reducing allergens, but bad for vacuuming thigs out of the carpet that isn't there. So I bought a Plug-In.

I have an amusing story about moving, which I will share at a later date.

ae said...

Doh. Perhaps some Lemon Pledge on the wood? Plug-Ins are fab.

God, I'm so turning into my mom.

Eileen said...

I'm a big fan of Murphy's Oil Soap. I love the way it smells and it cleans pretty well, too.