The ol' ball and chain

Edmund is gone for the week. He is spending Thanksgiving with his family in North Carolina.

It's sort of fun being a single girl again for a week. I get to sit around and veg out on the computer for hours and pack up T-shirts and kitchenware ... OK, it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. But it's kinda relaxing.

But when I get takeout for dinner by myself, I don't get showered with compliments about how I'm the best girlfriend ever for bringing over Indian food. I miss that.

Also, the kissing is nice.

It occurs to me that perhaps I should think up some sort of alias for Edmund. It seems to be the thing to do on blogs; preserving the anonymity of your significant other, regardless of whether you yourself are anonymous. Wes has Jawa Girl; Josh has Natalie Portman; Jen has Mr. Man; emma has her gentleman caller - which is what my family called Edmund before we were officially an "item," but I guess she took it first. Drat.

(I wonder if all those sites' proprietors will see that I linked to them and drop by for a visit. Hello, fellow typists!)

Anyway, I welcome any and all suggestions for an alias - preferably an embarassing one. "Mr. Wufflekins," "Schnoogy Bear" and "Honey Poo-poo Head" are front-runners right now.


ae said...

Kelly, I am always a fan of attaching "-kins" to the end of names (cf. Veronica's constant refrain of "Archiekins"). So my vote would definitely be for Mr. Wufflekins. Adding a courtesy title is very inspired.

Where in NC is he from?

Kelly said...

Henderson County, I believe. Western part of the state - full of odd caves that contain tiny bats and secret streams where endangered species of trout swim freely. (Oh, and kudzu, which I suppose is par for the Southern course.) Sounds v. rural and v. lovely.

ae said...

My brother spent one summer in Hendersonville, interning with the law firm that defended evangelist Jim Bakker. It is extravagantly gorgeous countryside! I envy your upcoming visit.

Eileen said...

Natalie Portman calls Josh "Sugar Pants" which I think is pretty funny.

Edmund said...

Of the options presented, I vote for Mr. Wufflekins.

gerard said...

hmmm.. how about Sir Wufflekins?