Yesterday I drove up to Columbus for a surprise engagement party for my sister. Her fiancé had told her they were going out to dinner, but he needed to stop by a friend's house first. When they walked into the back yard, we all yelled, "SURPRISE!"

And boy, was she surprised!

As she looked around and saw all her friends and family, she kept making great new surprised faces. This one was the best:

I think that's when she saw Katie G., a friend of hers from high school who also drove up from Cincinnati.

OK, since I posted that picture, I am obligated to show you one where she looks like her beautiful self:

We had a toast. (My family is constantly wandering around with upraised glasses of whatever liquids are available, searching for someone to clink with. Of course we had a toast.)

And then we got down to business - "business" in this case meaning tables and tables of food. I finally met my sister's friend Ali, who brought these beautiful little cookies (and is totally welcome to grab this photo for her site if she wants, BTW).

I heard rumors that one of the treats might even be considered "healthy," but I was too busy digging into chili and salad to investigate.

Here's me, my lovely sister, and Katie G.

After the party, not even making the dull drive down I-71 for the second time in one day could get me down. (The new CDs I had bought for the trip helped, too.)


AE said...

Mm-hmm, and how many of *they* were Cylons? I can't believe you're only just getting to the Season 3 finale. I can't get no relief!

Looks like a lovely party though. Best wishes to your sister!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! These pics are great! I want to help with any shower planning you will be doing, if you want help. We can chat. :) It was so great to meet you, finally!!

Katie said...

Kelly! Love the pics - thanks for posting one where I look semi normal and approachable! The others look like I might bite someone....yikes. :) Perfect party with perfect company = lucky katie!