My dishwasher runs on faith

Recently, Mr. W told me he doesn't think my little dishwasher works very well. I think his exact words were, "If I had that dishwasher, I wouldn't bother to use it."

Ever since then, I can't help but notice that my dishes don't seem to be getting as clean as I remember.

Am I giving the dishes more scrutiny since he said that? Is it the cheap-o soap I recently bought? Or is it that my dishwasher just can't handle knowing that someone out there doesn't believe in it?

I think it's the last one. So I added a quarter-cup of vinegar to the rinse dispenser and told the dishwasher it was magic elixir. Already I've been seeing improvement.


AE said...

Vinegar IS magic elixir! Sincerely, Heloise.

Katie said...

I have a great 2-year-old Whirlpool dishwasher, but I have noticed the cheapy soap doesn't work as well. I will now only buy Cascade. I guess it's kinda like toilet paper. Sure, you can go cheap, but you're just going to regret it :)

Kelly said...

Katie, are you trying to sell your dishwasher (by which I mean, your house) on my blog? ;)

Katie said...

No, but it looks like you are. Thanks!