Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk, Thursday will climb onto the radiator. Every now and then, she'll crouch and gear herself up for a jump, I'll move my arms out of the way, and she'll skid slightly as she lands on the desk in front of my computer.

Except today, I didn't notice that she was getting ready for a jump. I felt her front paws hit my arm, then scrabble wildly for a split second before she dropped over the edge of the desk, upending the wastebasket on her way. Whoops.

It never occurred to me that I had a crucial role in this maneuver of hers. I guess when I'm at my computer, I'll just have to keep one eye on the radiator. I wouldn't want to let Thursday down.


Eileen said...

I like how my cat acts like nothing just happened when he misses a crucial jump. He's like, "Oh, nothing to see here! I didn't just try to jump on something and fell. Move along, move along!"

Kelly said...

Thursday's like that too, only she adds an extra step where she zips out of the room. Then when I walk into the other room, she looks at me all, "What? Did something happen in there? Oh, you thought I fell? No, I was in here the whole time - must have been some other cat."