Why the Internet is awesome

So I was on the Wikipedia page for Chi-Chi's because Kari mentioned in a story that the chain had closed and I wanted to make sure that was true. (It is - thanks a LOT, hepatitis A!)

At the bottom of the Wikipedia page was a link to the Creepy, Abandoned Chi-Chi's Blog, which is a great idea but kind of sad and light on posts right now.

But they did have a link to the Belt Buckle Knife site, which I still think might be a parody, because it includes this line straight out of Real Ultimate Power:

Ok so you may have some really great knives with fancy handcrafted blades that will cut through any known material on earth, but no matter how great it is, it still has the same inherent problem that all knives except ours have. You have to get it out.

Also, its tagline is "How fast can you whip yours out?" I guess I'll find out if it's a joke when I try to order Mr. W one for his birthday, because I am SOLD on the usefulness of having a knife on your belt buckle..


Mr. Wufflekins said...

As a native North Carolinian, I've no doubt this is a genuine product.

As for my birthday present: If you're going to spend $110 for a buckle knife with a stainless steel blade (bleah) which doesn't even come with a belt, you should just give me the money instead. Or $110 worth of otters. That would be great. They could live in my bathtub.

Kelly said...

Hmm. I wonder how many otters $110 would get me?

You can't get more than 10 Otter Boxes (www.otterbox.com) for that much, so I doubt you could get many of the real thing. Plus, your clam expenses would skyrocket.