Belated Valentine's Day update

Last year was my first-ever Valentine's Day in a relationship, so I asked for a flower.

Dear Mr. W responded with a dozen roses, delivered to my office with two tiny bottles of champagne.

This year, I didn't ask for anything, so I was pretty surprised when I got a call from the lobby saying I had a package ...

I think he went for orchids this year because they're harder to preserve. (I dried the roses from last year and kept them in my apartment for months, still in the vase. I finally threw them out after he started calling me Miss Havisham.)

That night, he picked me up in his AWD-mobile (because his parking lot was a sheet of ice, and he didn't want me getting stuck), and we went to Baba for delicious Indian food. On the way, he gave me another surprise gift - beautiful earrings to match the beautiful necklace he got me for Christmas.

And all I got him was a card and a bottle of cheap champagne. Clearly, I don't deserve him.


AE said...

The Miss Havisham reference alone is worth a dozen roses. Nice work, Mr. Wufflekins!

Kelly said...

Not only is he a sweetie, he's a well-read sweetie!