The Somber Summary (or, the funereal Flash animation)

When one is in a foul mood, the gloom of Lemony Snicket's books can prove bracing. The final book in the series is scheduled to be released in six weeks - plenty of time to read the twelve preceding stories and their companion piece, Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography.

If. however, you are a 21st-century guy/gal-on-the-go and have only a matter of minutes to devote to this series, then you could certainly do worse than to listen to Tim Curry recap the twelve volumes as Brett Helquist's lovely drawings flash past your eyes.

I also highly recommend the AuthorTracker e-mail updates - they've proven invaluable to me. Without them, I might still be in the dark about the Friday the 13th (of October) release date for The End.

Speaking of which, The End looks rather grim for the Baudelaires, doesn't it?


AE said...

The Curmudgeonly Comment:
Ooh, how lovely!! *squeals in an utterly noncurmudgeonly manner.* I hadn't been to his Web site in a while and the new features are really lovely. Did you ever get to see a hard copy of the biography with the Pony Party inside cover? I did not remember to lend you mine, and now it is far away with me. Sorry.

I have high hopes for The End, but he's very good at dashing my hopes. Although I did like the ending of the last one, when the Baudelaires must, in a way, become their own worst enemy. The CD will be interesting. Isn't there a "Count Olaf" song out there somewhere by the guy from Magnetic Fields?

Kelly said...

I found a lot in The Penultimate Peril to hold my interest, but only one line stuck with me, and that is when Count Olaf says: "What else can I do?"

If you've read the books, you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't, I doubt I'm spoiling anything. But that line made me think The End might not turn out quite as we think.

Then again, since it's Lemony Snicket, it'll probably turn out just as miserable.