Oh, ew.

This LA Times profile of the man behind "Girls Gone Wild" just really could not get any more disgusting.

That's because of the man, not the reporter, by the way. I'm rather jealous of AE right now.


ae said...

The profile seems to have generated a lot of talk, but I was not impressed by it. What do you expect to find, interviewing such a person? Are we to be shocked that he's an asshole who takes advantage of the girls he films? I don't think it's particularly gonzo, as some people would have it; just provocative. The whole thing left me feeling queasy.

That said, the free "GGW" T-shirts distributed to the staff were pretty sweet.

Kelly said...

Perhaps it's naive of me, but I didn't really expect him to be THAT much of an asshole.

And I think I was impressed mostly because the opportunity to do that kind of reporting doesn't normally present itself in Cincinnati - or if it does, we don't take advantage of it. Can you imagine that piece running in the Enquirer?

ae said...

It was a huge risk, as far as reporting goes, and it's wonderful that the writers here are allowed to take such risks. That part is quite exciting!

On an unrelated note, here's a fun copy editing post (sorry for long url):

TravisG said...

Girls Gone Wild restaurants? Maybe he should start his own clothing line.