Reversal of expectations

I expected Mr. W to love dinner and despise the show.

Dinner was at Maribelle's, where my friend Cati and I had previously had a fabulous, transcendent dinner. (You can read all about it here.)

The show was Janelle Monae. (A few weeks previously, he had heard some songs from her newest album and, upon hearing one of them segue into "Clair De Lune," remarked, "Finally - something I can enjoy.") She was the opening act for Of Montreal, so a crowd of hipsters was guaranteed. Mr. W does not suffer crowds or hipsters gladly.

But he had said he would go. So off we went.

And at Maribelle's, the service was slow and the sandwiches fell apart.

And after an hour of crazy-amazing Janelle Monae tunes, Mr. W pronounced the show awesome.

I guess you never know.


Cati @ crave and create said...

Oh, what did you have at Maribelle's? Jealous, here.

Mr. W said...

I'd say Janelle Monae was "phenomenal" rather than the pedestrian "awesome." Yay being pedantic! Honestly, one of the top ten music performances I've seen.

And Cati, I'd stick with the entrees at Maribelle's and avoid the bland, fall-apart sandwiches. If you can avoid the startlingly unprofessional server we had, so much the better. :)

Kelly said...

Hey, "awesome" was your word! I turned to you immediately after the show, worried that you were miserable from the noise and the crowds, and said, "How are you doing?" You replied, "I'm good! That was awesome."

And yeah, Cati - no need to be jealous this time. I got the turkey brie sandwich, and it was tasty but had so much stuffed into it that it was unmanageable. Mr. W had the salmon sandwich, and the egg bun seriously looked like something you would buy at Kroger in an 8-pack for 50 cents. It fell apart immediately.

Laura said...

That's such a bummer about Maribelle's. It's one of my Cincinnati favorites. It's where I learned to appreciate brussel sprouts...

But, now I have another artist to add to my "music watch list". Thanks for the tip.