Let's take a quick break from the "Stuff I Bought with my Tax Refund" series and go see a movie!

Alex and Allison
are watching all of the AFI's top 100 films over the course of a year, and tomorrow (May 24) is No. 60, Raiders of the Lost Ark. They've arranged to screen this film in the lovely 20th Century Theatre(er)* - and you're all invited! Yes, you. Even you in the back.

(*Dear 20th Century ... auditorium: Your URL is "theatre," but your website header is "Theater." Please make up your mind.)

Details are here, but the basics are: 7 p.m. Free screening. Food and drink (including cash bar) available for purchase.

Can't you hear that theme song already? Dah dah-DAH-dah, Indiana Jones!

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Katie said...

They once told me it was just "20th Century" and they didn't care how theater/re was spelled. I think both urls work. At least they did back in the CiN days when I called to ask. But I agree they should just pick one.