My New Year's resolutions (more or less)

Less clutter. Less piling of junk into corners. Less stuff in my life.

More thank-you notes. (More thanks in general, in fact.)

More veggies.

I would say a lot more (less sugar, more moving around instead of sitting at the computer all day, more blog posts), but let's try to keep it simple for now.

How about you?


ShawnS said...

That's great! I've been trying to "get Japanese" in my life. Pretending I live in a tiny half-bedroom apartment and all my stuff needs to be digital or rentable in order for me to fit inside. De-stuff-ing my life! I'll remember not to try and pawn anything off on you. ;)

Yay for more veggies! I'm vegetarian already and need to do more veggies myself. That's very sad to admit. :)

Good luck with everything you try in 2010 AAAAAAND BEYOOOOOOOOND!

Kelly said...

The vegetable situation is pretty sad - I feel like I've been living on cheese, crackers, and frozen pizzas lately.

My plan: to make some big batches of veggie-filled soups, freeze them in single servings, and bring them to work as side dishes. (Whenever I try to do salads, they end up spoiling on me.)

Good luck to you on your de-stuff-ing!