"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" as reviewed by otters

"OMG it's starting it's starting HARRY POTTER EEEEEEEEE!!!"

"Wait, Tom Felton can act now?"

"Oh, Harry and Ginny - so romantic!"
"Really? I've always preferred Harry with that weird blonde. You know, Draco."

"Look, Mom! I'm an Inferius!"


*yawn* "Man, it's late. I'm getting too old for this."


AE said...

best thing ever

Shannanb said...

O_M_G. This might be my favorite post of all times. You are brilliant!~

Suz said...

I have to commend anyone who use so many pictures of otters...they're the cutest animals ever. When I was in Monterey I bought a coaster that has and otter in character as Harry Potter..."Hairy Otter."

Anonymous said...

I think I might want to be a Harry Potter fan after the review.

Tina Lane said...

LOL! I think you need to bring the otters back for more movie reviews. I trust them above all else.

Anonymous said...

omg those pics r so cute!!