Training, Week Nine: Pain

Ever since I ran the Heart Mini, I've been a little worried about pain.

Not that I've run all that much, you know, at all. Five miles here and there, two miles yesterday. But after my five-mile run last Saturday, the bottom outside part of my left foot hurt for days, as did my left thigh. This pain was exacerbated when I had to walk any sort of distance (which worries me for the half-marathon; I always assumed I'd be able to at least walk it in its entirety). Yesterday I ran just two miles, and I still had pain in my left foot.

My mom keeps telling me I should get some orthotic inserts for my shoes, so maybe I'll try that. I can't have run more than 250 miles in these shoes, so I can't possibly need new ones. (Please, Lord, let me not need new ones - I can't afford it!)

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