From texting to movies to the GOP to DRM

Wil Wheaton eloquently sums up how the face of media is changing:

The revolution may not be televised, but it’s being blogged, YouTubed, MySpaced, Facebooked, Dugg and Netscaped.

Yes, the sound bite is hokey, but the column is actually this beautiful summation of every "OMG MSM sux" blog post you've ever read. It'll make you a believer - and, weirdly, make you want to text-message more.

Also! Are you reading Wil's blog? Because you probably should be. It has stuff like the column I posted above, but it also has stuff like this:

This afternoon, while I was trying to pull out a bottle of Tejava (99 cents at Trader Joe's) to enjoy a cool glass of tea, a bottle of clementine Izzie soda looked up at me, shouted, "Hooray! I'm free!" And launched itself onto the floor and landed in a sticky explosion of horrible, entropic freedom.

Of course you're reading his blog. If you weren't, it would just be ... weird.

(Actually, what's weird is that a copy editor in Cincinnati feels the need to promote the keynote speaker of Penny Arcade Expo. I blame the Chardonnay.)

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AE said...

Chardonnay or no, I am very fond of Wil as well. At least of his blog. I keep meaning to head over to Pasadena and investigate these neighborhood comics stores of his.