The Cat Whisperer

I've managed to convince Gina to help me in my keeping-the-cat-alive goal while I'm on vacation.

To be honest, I'm a little nervous.

All the people I've had feed Thursday before (Mr. W, Sue, Kari) have actually been allergic to cats. (How nice of them to brave runny noses and itchy eyes to help me!)

Gina's the first cat owner to take on the task. And she's not just a cat owner. She is a cat person. She loves her cats. When I first took Thursday in, Gina's the one I called asking for vet advice. I kind of see her as the cat expert.

So I'm really a little nervous that she'll come by, take a look around, and decide I suck as a cat owner. What if I'm not buying the right toys? What if there aren't enough scratchable surfaces? What if Thursday hates the food I buy her, but I never knew because I've never owed a cat before this one and to me, kitty hatred looks just like every other kitty emotion?

Gina will know these things. She's the Cat Whisperer.

(Actually, the Cat Whisperer has been sick the past two days. Maybe I should start looking for a backup.)


Gina said...

Admittedly, I do go insane over cats. Though thus far I've been able to avoid wearing clothes/earrings/bedazzled pants with cats on them.


Here's the thing: I'm kind of a guest in my cats' home. This is their place, they just let me hang out here. But everyone knows who's running the show.

I know when I visit Thursday we'll be pals only if Thursday allows it. I just try to stay cool to impress them.

Chris said...

Ha great post. I'm actually thinking about getting a cat soon.

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