Game day

So on Sunday I was watching the Bengals game with Mr. Wufflekins and some friends, and this commercial came on where some ridiculous new sports drink drips on a football in a field during a thunderstorm, and it starts to swell and distend, and then, Alien-like, out bursts this ready-made athlete. It's all very creepy and makes me want to never drink this beverage in case a track-and-field team decides to rip through my abdomen.

But that's not really the point. The point is that the newborn athlete is Peyton Manning, and as that commercial ended and the next one began, somebody in the room remarked that it seemed like Peyton Manning was in every commercial.

The next ad, coincidentally, featured a geeky man with strange black hair and a moustache talking about how great Peyton Manning was, "I mean, if you like 6-foot-4 quarterbacks," and how he could see all these clips of Peyton Manning doing awesome football stuff on his Sprint phone. Which he thought was cool, because Peyton Manning is totally awesome!

"That guy has a man-crush on Peyton Manning!" I said.

Everyone said, "That IS Peyton Manning!"

I guess he really is in every commercial.

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