Go Coffey! Go Coffey! It's your birthday! It's your birthday!

Or so the tween girls behind us yelled when closer Todd Coffey took the mound at the top of the ninth today. They also broke into some cheers of "L-E-T-S G-O! Let's go ... Reds ... let's ... go?" (They couldn't ever really get the meter worked out on that one.)

Our seats (courtesy of Edmund's friends Dan and Stacey) were amazing. (This from a girl who almost always goes to Reds games on bleacher discount days.) We sat in the lower deck, behind home plate - just behind the oh-so-swanky Diamond Club seats, I understand. Neat. Plus, the wandering snack people were never far away.

Just before the game started, we flagged down the beer man. After he served us, he was adjusting his big, icy tray for another trip up and down the aisles. A man, carrying a curly-headed toddler, passed by on his way to his seat. He looked at the big tray and said, "Trade you."

That kid is going to grow up weird.


Gina said...

I love wandering snack men. (Hey-O?)

Eileen said...

Hey, I got some of those discount bleacher tickets you love for the april 29th game. I have enough for Edmund if he wants to go, too.

(Although, Jeff reminds me that Edmund won't really need a ticket since he doesn't exist.)

Craig said...

That in the shit shirt is too funny.

Check this one out.